Looking at the topic above, perhaps the first thing probably we may ask ourselves is: What really is an eye extension? Well, then an eye extension is an extension made from various materials(silk, human hair…) used to enhance length, fullness and thickness of natural eye lashes. Visit Le’Face Boutique for more information on eye extensions.

There are several types of eye extensions and they include:

Real mink eyelash extensions

Woman's eye

Perhaps from the word “real”, these types of eye lashes are made from actual hair specifically from Chinese or Siberian. Due to its naturality, it really looks like real eyes as opposed to the polyester lashes which exposes shinny-fakeness.

It is difficult to detect you are wearing a set of false eye lashes as they possess the ultra natural feathery soft and slightly light in weight meaning one can apply volume lashes on a single eyelash.

For those with naturally weaker eye lashes, real Mink eyelashes are recommended as their lashes are thin making them easy to attach to individual sets of natural eye lashes without weighing them down.

Some of the demerits of real mink eye lash include: they tend to be the most expensive type of eye lashes and also they tend to lose their curl nature if they get wet and require daily maintenance after wetting them. Also those allergic to animal hair are advised not to use this type of eye lash.

Faux mink eyelash extensions

Faux mink eye lashes generally are man-made fibres designed to almost resemble the real mink lashes.They are remarkably so soft, fine and silky thus the difficulty experienced in differentiating between real and faux eye lashes.

Unlike real minks, faux minks have got permanent curl lash extensions making them maintain their curly nature even when they are wet.

They are naturally light and fine thus they bring a feeling of natural eye lashes. If handled properly, they are long lasting and also great for individuals with weak natural lashes.

For those with animal hair allergy, use of faux mink is highly recommended.

The majority of the salons offering eyelash extensions services use faux mink as it is heavier and its curl- holding ability.

Silk eye lash extensions

They are soft, porous, finer and flexible type of extensions-conditions which make them hold on more than the synthetic lashes. If you have got weak lashes, silk lashes are appropriate due to their light nature. Their silky texture brings about comfortability. Silk lashes require little maintenance and are also much cheaper than the mink lashes.

Synthetic eye lash extensions

They are lashes made from the polished acrylic material and are the firmest of all. They have got the ability to hold their curl very well due to their firmness. Due to their polished nature, they are dark as well as thick.

Its characteristic thickness makes it suitable for those with natural heavy dense lashes which make it a disadvantage to those with thinner, weaker lashes.

Sable eye lash extension

Woman's eyes with long lashes

Sable extensions also come from animals commonly known as Sables which come from Russia and Siberia.

These extensions are the thinnest even when compared to faux and real mink extensions.Due to their thinness, it highly is appropriate to those with thin eye lashes.They are also as expensive as the real mink lashes. Therefore, the ability to choose a particular eyelash will depend on customers need and convenience.